An individual session is a sacred space where the seeker’s deepest questions, doubts, and insights can be explored with utmost clarity and compassion. Through gentle yet incisive questioning, the student is encouraged to directly experience the unchanging awareness that lies at the core of their existence.

It is a space where all concepts and beliefs are laid bare, revealing the underlying truth that transcends the limitations of the mind. In this individual session, the student is invited to transcend the illusion of separation and recognize their innate oneness with all of existence. It is an opportunity to deepen understanding and directly realize the truth of your own being. 

Sessions can be in person or online. Online sessions are private and will not be published anywhere. 


Please write your request for the session or receive more information on this mail [email protected]


  • Razzya Emam Dasram
    Posted 01/11/2023 9:20 am 0Likes

    I saw you on YouTube and wanted to talk to you about non duality

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