We invite you to Satsangs with Ragi Kadirgamar, an international non-duality teacher. “Satsang” from Sanskrit – means “intercourse with the Truth”. Satsang leads to self-discovery – the discovery of our true, fundamental nature, pointing to who we really are.

Ragi’s teaching is universal, non-religious, addressed to people who want to know themselves, experience peace and free themselves from mental and emotional suffering.

At satsangs, spiritual discussions, we will have the opportunity to explore our spiritual quest and apply the concepts of Advaita, as taught by Ragi, to our daily lives.

Advaita/Non-duality is a universal non-religious teaching, a collection of concepts and pointers, of self-enquiry and investigation, which lifts the veils, revealing the fundamental nature of life. This direct yet simple acknowledgment dissolves mental and emotional pain, allowing for more joy, self-acceptance, and peace in everyday life. Knowing that we have always been at home, in Self, the flow of life is experienced as a harmonious and inclusive whole. I am everything, everything is what I am.


Zoom link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3038320208 

Price – By Donation

Online Satsangs Timetable

English – Sundays 2 pm
French – Wednesdays 5 pm
Polish – Thursdays 6 pm

Central European Time

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